Otdoor Adventure Guides

One of the drawbacks of modern lifestyles is minimal contact with nature. According to data published by Natural England, only 10 of children today have the opportunity to play in natural spaces. In addition, Richard Louv says many people suffer from "Nature Deficit Disorder." The only way to resolve this problem is by visiting outdoor locations more frequently. With this in mind, it is wise to hire a guide when visiting a new outdoor location. Here are tips for hiring the right outdoor adventure guide

Training and Certification

Go for a guide who has undergone training and acquired certification to show that heshe is an expert in outdoor adventures. If visiting a location in Scotland, look for a suitable guide even before researching edinburgh hotels. This is to ensure you get a reliable guide early instead of searching for one when you are already in Scotland. Many traditional learning institutions like the University of Cumbria and Edinburg University offer outdoor education courses. On the certification front, renowned bodies include the National Association of Field Studies Officers (NAFSO).

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Outdoor Adventure Experience

Besides training and certification, an outdoor adventure guide should be well experienced in outdoor adventures such as kayaking, mountain climbing, backpacking, hiking, and mountain biking. This is important because outdoor adventure involves more than visiting historic sites or listening to a guide describe local attractions. For instance, a walk through Edinburgh's breathtaking Lothian countryside is highly recommended for anyone visiting Scotland. If you hire a guide who is not experienced in outdoor adventures, the guide will never recommend visiting locations that are only accessible by foot.


Go for an adventure guide who is highly knowledgeable on local flora, fauna, history, locations, interesting off-the-beaten-path locations, and geology. In simple words, heshe should be an expert on local human and natural history. Without such a guide, you would have to rely on information published online. The only problem with such information is it is likely to have been published by tourists who have visited the same area. As such, it may be scanty or lack local lore tidbits only a knowledgeable guide can provide.

First Aid Training

Since outdoor adventures take place in remote and off-the-grid areas, it is advisable to hire a guide who has undergone first aid training. Heshe will come in handy should you or a member of a hiking group sustain injuries while far from health facilities or roads.

Navigation Skills

If you intend to explore remote areas, get a guide with excellent navigation skills to accompany you. It is easy to get lost while exploring forested or scenic countryside locations if you have spent much of your life in urban environments. If caught up in such a situation, you need someone who can guide you back to civilization.


You should take a break occasionally from the urban rat race to visit interesting and scenic countryside locations in the UK. When visiting a new location, hire an outdoor adventure guide who has received thorough formal training and acquired certification from a reputable organization. In addition, heshe should have years of experience in outdoor adventures, have excellent navigation skills, and be knowledgeable on local human and natural history.